The world of comfort food was reopened to me once I learned how to make mayonnaise.

Many commercially produced mayonnaise options contain soy.
Many contain soybean oil, but other manufactures use other derivatives because soy is cheap.

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Not only do Midwestern staples like egg salad & potato salad depend on mayonnaise, but a whole world of condiments like tarter sauce and salad dressings are available once you have master making mayonnaise.

It is a little tricky at first, but do not give up!
It is worth trying again.
The first few time I tried making mayonnaise, it took me over 15 minutes.
Now I can make it in 5 minutes.

I understand oils can be pricey, so I suggest starting with corn oil until you master the technique. Then you can experiment with different oils to change the taste profile.
This works especially well when creating salad dressings.

Recipes to come will build upon using the recipes for Bacon & Eggs as well as Mayonnaise.



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