Pasta Salads

Summer heat has definitely defined the past few weeks!

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven and cook a complicated meal. I am rather inclined to go out to my garden and pick a few vegetables to eat. However, I do get tired of only eating salads.

When you go Gluten Free, it is the simply things one misses, like pasta!
I remember my mom making cold pasta salads from a box when I was growing up and it occurred to me that I could make those myself. How hard can it be? Not very hard at all!

I am offering up two delicious pasta salads for you to try this summer: Italian Dressing with Salami and Lemon Dressing with Tuna.


P.S. The pasta salad with tuna is my son’s favorite and has become a staple in our diet for the summer!

InTheKitchen_SarahRichardsAllergen Alert: Read the ingredient labels for most canned tuna has soy.
Read the Free Guide for more information.

Click for a free PDF Printable!


Click for a Free PDF Printable!


Click for a Free PDF Printable!


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