Who am I?

SarahRichardsI am Sarah Richards.
To my parents I am still Sarah Jo.

I have MS (multiple sclerosis).
I have Celiac Disease.
I have allergies: Gluten/Wheat, Dairy and Soy.

There is very little processed, ready to eat or restaurant food is available to someone afflicted with those three allergies. I had to learn to cook. Unfortunately, many recipes I made or the allergen friendly food I bought tasted like cardboard, a kitchen sponge or just plain “healthy”. I longed for the food I loved growing up but couldn’t have anymore because it makes me very sick, like put me back in the hospital sick.

So I set out on a mission: to make allergen friendly food that tastes good.

Not just to my standards, but by my critics: my husband and son. I only want to cook one supper; so I learned how to cook food that was allergen free, but not flavor free. I want to share these recipes and the tricks I have learned so that it may help others afflicted with the same or similar ailments to enjoy eating again.